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Focused, Authentic and Unique

A group of passionate digital marketers with a flair for creating and curating data driven content, we are a brand that believes in boosting your brand to the next level.



Our Goals For Success

We as an agency provide complete creative advertising and web-development services. A group of passionate digital marketers with a flair for creating and curating data driven content, we are a brand that believes in boosting your brand to the next level. With an eye for perfection and an Omni-channel approach to our work, we cater to an array of services like BRANDING, DIGITAL MARKETING, SOCIAL MEDIA, WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT, MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT, GAME DEVELOPMENT and E-COMMERCE WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT.

With a wide-spread hands-on experience, Three Apples can provide your brand with just the creative treatment it deserves.  With innumerable designs & marketing solutions, we are rapidly making name in the Advertising Agency. 

We are based in Mumbai, specializing in creating interactive digital experiences for brands and corporates. We are a team of 10+ individuals working from 2 offices (Mumbai & Surat).

Our B2B digital marketing solutions can help you generate leads and Our B2C digital advertising solution can help your brand increase its presence on Social Media that shall help you reach your target audience converting them as your customers.

The field of marketing and advertising has undergone several upgrades and changes ever since its inception. With the changing times and the latest trends, marketing mediums have seen an immeasurable upgrade, thus leading us to choose this very industry to begin with. In the past decade, marketing and advertising has shifted from print media to digital media. This shift has opened up an array of opportunities to dive into. As per the trend reports and the market foresight the digital space is expected to boom with a 70% growth rate in the next 2 years. Add that to our love for creativity and there we have it! This is what inspired us to choose this field. 

The best part about the digital world is that it is constantly changing. Keeping up with these changes may be one way to go but that won’t help us in the long run. Foresight and an ability to predict these trends is what helps us stay ahead of the world. How do we do this? It is simple. Research and analysis! Analysing the trends from the present and researching the smallest developments in the market are what help us evolve. The knack for predicting the upcoming business growth and the ability to act on it at the right time is key.

While pleasing a client is vital with the work we put into certain campaigns, we have to ensure that we are socially responsible about the same. While a client provides us with information that can help boost their business, we as an agency have to ensure that the information we feed them is accurate and not misleading. While the audience is smart they are vulnerable and tend to believe any information fed to them if done in the right way. This is where we need to ensure that we take care what information we feed them.

The need of the hour in the field of marketing is simple.

Ensure that the information you help market is accurate and in no way harmful for the consumers health.

We need to ensure that while creativity is important, ensuring that we uphold our social responsibilities and not offend any culture in any way is also very important.

Misuse of the information or personal data collected should be avoided by securing it. If a consumer trusts us with their information it is our responsibility to ensure that it is not misused in anyway. 

While we are taught that the client is always right, it is important to put across your thoughts and ideas if they are misguided in anyways.

Never over-commit. Always ensure that you commit to only the amount of work you are capable of doing. This ensures that you build a trust and good relationship with your client.

Always deliver more than your client expects. Delivering what is needed by a client can satisfy them, but helping them achieve just a little more is what helps you establish yourself in the market as a trusted agent.